Sunday, November 30, 2014

Brave hearts

Look who has made Unbroken, an epic tale of wartime survival and the most ambitious film ever directed by a woman. What makes her run? Angelina Jolie talks to us

Jonathan Dean  
Published: 30 November 2014

Acres of glass and a wall of bright light greets the bleary-eyed in the customs hall at Los Angeles airport. You queue for an hour, then an officer asks why you’re there. If it’s for an interview, they need specifics. “Aaron who?” He’s in Breaking Bad. “I don’t watch that show.” Once, there to meet a well-known rock star, I was held for 10 minutes, explaining his discography. You need a good reason to make it into America. Back in July, I flew over again. “Why are you here?” the man barked. “Angelina Jolie.” Puff of cheeks, stamp in passport, taxi. That’s the thing about Jolie; she opens doors. Her name is the key to so much that so many would otherwise just give up on.


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