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"Unbroken" isn’t about war, either. It’s a spiritual quest of one man: An incredible athlete and a survivor, how he uses his strength and training to survive. It's more of a spiritual quest.

How is that represented in the score for "Unbroken"?
It’s very different because "Imitation Game" moves very quickly. The tempo and the way I used the orchestra in "Unbroken" is very different. It’s much slower, it’s much deeper, the orchestra is much bigger. It’s got a great power, and yet it was recorded by the same orchestra.


Kris Tapley earlier wrote that early word from those who have seen Unbroken was mixed and he again restates that "it doesn't sound like its going to be any sort of a game-changer."  In other words, that it may not be the Oscar BP frontrunner it was earlier expected to be.  Tapley has been predicting for some time that Imitation Game will emerge as the frontrunner.  We will know the initial verdict on Unbroken in a week.


"Unbroken" is on the horizon next weekend, but it doesn't sound like it's going to be any sort of game-changer.  The only real wave that's been kicked up in this race was by "Selma," which finds itself in a position to potentially go far. But the Academy still needs to see it, of course, as well as a number of these films. Screeners are landing more and more and the upcoming holidays will be fertile turf for catch-up. What will play well on the small screen?

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