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TIFF runs from Sept. 7 to 17

Brad Pitt acts out scene for live Frank Ocean performance

The performance at FYF Fest in Los Angeles was reportedly filmed by Her and Being John Malkovich director Spike Jonze; he was also spotted filming Ocean’s performance at Lovebox festival in London, though no project has been officially announced.

Pitt is on record as a Frank Ocean fan. “I’ve been listening to a lot of Frank Ocean. I find this young man so special,” he told GQ. “Talk about getting to the raw truth. He’s painfully honest. He’s very, very special.” Ocean returned the compliment by wearing a Brad Pitt T-shirt for his gig at Parklife festival in Manchester earlier this year.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Random Fuzzy

-  Directed and shot by Spike Jonze, this was a planned, rehearsed appearance.  

-  Per Pride&Joy, Ocean sang a similar version at another festival and he apparently modified the 1st line of the lyrics (below) for Brad -- from "I missed you" to "I wish."  Ocean's Close To You from his album "blonde" had slightly different lyrics and does not include any portion of Never Can Say Goodbye although it has an intro from Stevie Wonder's cover of the two songs.  This was Ocean's rendition of the Stevie Wonder cover.

- "don't have much longer baby" and especially "you know I love you more and more" elicited the most animated and emotional reaction from Brad.  He smiled and mouthed some words with the former and he leaned over, closed his eyes passionately, nodded and mouthed agreement with the latter.  Again, he would have rehearsed this ahead of time and he knew and anticipated the lyrics.

- And Ad Astra reportedly starts production in L.A. Aug. 10,  5 days after Maddox's birthday on Aug. 5.

-- Fussy


Thanks to Pride&Joy, the lyrics of what Ocean sang at another festival, with what I believe was modified for Brad in FYF 2017

Intro: Just like me, they long to be close to you
Honey I missed you wish
I wasn’t devastated
But you could’ve
Held my hands through it baby
Let my mind
Run underneath warms jets, jet jets
I run my hands through what’s left
But we’re getting older baby
Don’t have much longer baby
Why am I preaching
To this choir, to this atheist?
But just like mine
Versions of these belong to you
And after while
For keeping me close to you
And that is why
I never can say goodbye, Oh no no I
Never can say goodbye
Even though the pain and heartache seems to
Follow me wherever I go
Try to hide the feelings but they
Always seem to show
You say "Turn around you fool
You know I love you more and more"
Tell me why is it so?
I don't wanna let you go
I never can say goodbye, no no no no no I
Never can say goodbye, ooh yeah yes
I never can say goodbye, no no no
I never can say goodbye, no
No no no no no
Never can, never, never can say, nev-nev-never can say
Never can say goodbye

timeout LA

Frank Ocean gets a little help from Brad Pitt on Saturday of FYF Fest 2017

Maybe Frank Ocean’s last-minute withdrawal from FYF Fest 2015 was for the better. Because here in 2017, Ocean has the stellar album Blonde under his belt back as well as the support of famous fan Brad Pitt—who, looking forlorn and talking on his phone, made a brief cameo as the Saturday night headliner performed “Close to You.”

While Pitt's appearance is just too bizarre to not consume every FYF headline, we shouldn't gloss over just how compelling Ocean's performance was. The stage extension and lo-fi visuals kept the massive performance intimate, while Ocean's strength and vulnerability as a singer complemented his increasingly personal—and superb—songwriting. 

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Film Productions

Posted: January 14, 2017 at 6:13 am EST
Updated: July 21, 2017 at 9:17 am EST

Title: Ad Astra
Category: Feature Film
Genre: Sci-Fi
Shoot Date: August 10, 2017
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Story: The film is about the slightly autistic space engineer Roy McBride. Twenty years after his father left on a one-way mission to Neptune in order to find signs of extra-terrestrial intelligence, McBride travels through the Solar System to find him and understand why his mission failed.

Friday, July 21, 2017


Hollywood Rethinks Key Movie Franchises Amid a Mixed Summer at the Box Office

6:30 AM 7/21/2017
by Rebecca Ford, Borys Kit , and Carolyn Giardina

Humdrum numbers leave some brands in question, with lower budgets and younger casts likely for those that return.

The mixed box-office bag for this summer's tentpole films is forcing studios to revisit their strategies for keeping individual franchises going.

Even before Homecoming hit theaters, Sony ordered a sequel for July 5, 2019, with Jon Watts now in negotiations to return as director.

The sequel will spin out of the events that unfold in Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War (May 4, 2018), which also will star Holland.

But the real test will come as Sony expands its Spider-Man universe without Marvel's help. Venom (slated for release on Oct. 5, 2018) shoots this fall with director Ruben Fleischer and star Tom Hardy; and the female-superhero-led Silver & Black (which doesn't have a release date yet) will be directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. The studio is convinced that emphasizing Homecoming's high school setting was key to the reboot.

"It’s a trap to mistake extra bombast for heightened emotion,” says Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group chairman Tom Rothman. "Even huge spectacle, absent of great characters, is ultimately numbing. Making the audience care is a lot harder than making things blow up."


The fifth installment, The Last Knight, opened to a series low ($69.1 million in its domestic debut over the Fourth of July holiday weekend). While it has seen more action abroad for an international gross of $392.4 million, it is still expected to be the lowest-grossing entry in the Transformers franchise to date, and has only earned $517.3 million worldwide in four weeks.

Now, Paramount is cutting costs. Its Bumblebee spin-off is pegged at $70 million-plus (according to sources), compared to Last Knight's $217 million.

A younger cast, headed by Hailee Steinfeld, 20, will be directed by Travis Knight when filming starts in August. The story, centered on the yellow bot, will be set in 1987.

"We are trying to please the fans and also give them a new experience," says producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. "Plus, there’s a new audience introduced to the franchise every 10 years, and we have an obligation to that new audience."

Wonder Woman
Warner Bros.

By waving a feminist flag, director Patty Jenkins breathed new life into the DC universe. Wonder Woman has earned $765 million to date, and not only earned critical praise, but, eight weeks in, boasts the best hold of any superhero film in more than 15 years at the North American box office.

Warner Bros. quickly started negotiations with Jenkins for a sequel (star Gal Gadot already has signed on for multiple DC films), which it will officially unveil July 22 at Comic-Con.


Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant dropped 71 percent in its second weekend, and has earned $232 million worldwide. Sources say Fox will have to reassess two intended sequels Scott has pitched while he is off helming Getty kidnapping movie All the Money in the World and then drug lord drama The Cartel.

The Mummy

Despite the film's lackluster performance ($389.6 million worldwide to date), Universal is moving forward with its monster-filled Dark Universe, but slowly, to allow for more script development. The stories will be tied together by Russell Crowe’s Dr. Jekyll.

Convinced Tom Cruise saved Mummy from being a bigger flop, the studio is betting on names, prepping an offer to Angelina Jolie for Bride of Frankenstein (slated for release on Feb. 14, 2019) and polishing the script for Van Helsing, aimed for Channing Tatum. Johnny Depp is attached to star in The Invisible Man.

Planet of the Apes

The current trilogy has run its course as War for the Planet of the Apes opened lower domestically ($56 million) than its predecessor. But while director Matt Reeves has moved on to Warners' The Batman movie, he is still interested in returning for a spin-off based on one of the other apes.

"The whole idea of Bad Ape is that there are other apes out there, and those apes don’t have the benefits of Caesar's leadership. The conflicts of the future are not going to be humans and apes, they will be apes and apes," Reeves told THR. "I wanted to seed that idea because I thought there were a lot more stories and there are characters that I have grown to love."


Cars 3's $54 million domestic opening was a franchise low, and there are no official plans for a sequel, though Disneytoon Studios (which made the Planes films), planning an untitled movie about fighter jets for 2019, isn't giving up on anthropomorphic transport. At the D23 convention on July 14, the studio debuted some early footage that had a feel similar to Top Gun.

Fast & Furious

With The Fate of the Furious' $1.2 billion worldwide gross, the franchise appears impervious to fatigue. So it’s no wonder that the studio is chugging ahead with the ninth (April 19, 2019) and tenth (April 2, 2021) installments and exploring a spin-off movie that would star Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.

Despicable Me

Although Despicable Me 3, which opened on June 30, is trailing behind Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 in box-office revenue (at press time it had earned $191 million in North America and $625 worldwide), Illumination Entertainment is already well on its way to extending its popular, $3.3 billion franchise with Minions 2, which is slated to arrive July 3, 2020

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Random Fuzzy

Angelina may be wearing a diamond pendant constantly now but it isn't the first time she has worn one. 

High res straight front photos of what she wore previously show that it is what is called pear shape. Unfortunately we do not have any high res straight front shots of what she is wearing now.   But from what we do have, it appears to be round cut. 

I don't think its the same stone.

It is likely that both pendants were gifts.  From Brad.

But what she is constantly wearing now is apparently more special and meaningful to her because she has hardly gone out without it.  Second only to her engagement ring.

-- Fussy

Thanks Felicity

Left column top June 15, bottom July 15, Right column top 2014, bottom 2015

Clockwise from top left, July 11, June 20, July 15, June 15



Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Build-A-Bear Workshop, last Tuesday, July 11.

-  If the date above is correct, this was the same day as their visit to Disneyland, so they may have gone to the one in Downtown Disney.

Thanks Pride&Joy

Posted earlier, at the Electric Parade:

Vivienne's outfit is different but everyone else seems to be wearing the same clothes

and sandals

Monday, July 17, 2017

Random Comment

I greatly appreciate the hard work to find and share with us reports and photos such as those below.

On the other hand, there are those who bring over things I am not interested in: what the tabloids have concocted, other people's theories, sniping between fans or rants against anyone.  I skim through the comments and any that appear to be along those lines or those that are trollish in nature get swiftly deleted unread.  It is a wasted effort to post those here.   I consider once a troll, always a troll and all their subsequent comments get summarily deleted regardless.  This is true for new and old commenters.  One strike and you're out.  My thinking on comments has evolved so as not to waste my time while still keeping the comments section open.  As it says above, this blog is highly selective and opinionated.  I am sure there are many other sites where such comments / commenters are welcome but I don't need or want that kind of traffic. 

-- Fussy

Thanks to Pride&Joy

Groen: Namibië - bringing wild magic to kykNET yet again from 12 July. This third season of the ever-popular conservation television series is set to wow audiences with wildlife wonder every Wednesday at 8:30PM South African time (7:30PM Namibian time) on DStv's KykNET channel. Rudie and Marlice van Vuuren of the N/a'an ku sê Foundation will take viewers on a captivating journey over 13 weeks ... from the fascinating world of the N/a'an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary itself, the enthrallment of Namibia's desert horses and their tenuous hold on life sharing a harsh terrain with hyenas, the lure of Africa's gentle giants, to the ancient and enchanting culture of the San Bushmen (with a myriad of exquisite content in between). This third season, sponsored by Namibia Breweries Limited, also showcases the natural history of Namibia's wildlife at its best. South African conservation endeavours also spice up the program, with our dynamic duo immersing themselves in the exceptional everyday life of a rhino sanctuary and relocating lions (for very valid reasons) to the beautiful and conservation savvy Buffelsdrift Game Lodge in the Western Cape. Don't miss the first episode tomorrow night at 8:30PM South African time (7:30PM Namibian time) on kykNET - you're in for some striped surprises in the amazing realm of the aardwolf: #naankuse #volunteerafrica #GroenNamibië #kykNET #MarliceVanVuuren #WildJobsNamibia #NaankuseWildlifeSanctuary
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Visiting Gelsons and Tailwaggers in Hollywood on Saturday July 15.


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Random Fuzzy

--  Disney loves Maleficent but there were no D23Expo updates on Maleficent 2.  Not yet.  The stars that made an appearance had footage to show from their films: A Wrinkle In Time, Mary Poppins, Avengers Infinity War, The Last Jedi.  It would have been odd to have her appear merely to give an update.  She will appear when she has something to show from Maleficent 2, closer to its release.  Maybe for the next D23Expo in 2019.

--  While Maleficent 2 has a wider window within which to start production, Bride does not.  It has to start and finish by the first half of 2018 if it is to meet its Valentine's Day 2019 release date.  An announcement for Bride should therefore come ahead of Maleficent 2.

-  The writers below were obviously a tad presumptuous about her appearance at D23Expo.

Maleficent 2 was already confirmed back in February, so an official announcement at the D23 Expo, the official annual Disney fan convention event taking place this weekend, is pretty much a guarantee. It's unlikely that has much to do with Jolie's fun visit, though.
A source tells ET, "The birthday celebrations for Vivienne and Knox went great."
"Angelina isn't thinking about the breakup drama anymore, she is over all of that. She's focusing on putting this all behind her and getting back to work," the source continued, adding, "Angelina is not dating anybody at the moment. She's enjoying spending time with her children."

The 2nd to last sentence in response to:  Angelina Jolie Having Baby With “Secret Lover”? and similar tabloid gems.

-- Shiloh may be the outwardly sportier one but Vivenne's fearlessness and exuberance make her a natural as a future action heroine.

-- I wrote earlier that while everyone is scrutinizing her rings -- the gold band (seen below in Disneyland), the solo diamond etc. -- the diamond pendant that took the place of the "mommy" pendant may be more interesting.  First, because she would have to value it more to replace the "mommy" pendant with it, and second because she has worn it ever since, around town and even in Africa. The "mommy" pendant was likely a Mother's Day gift while the diamond pendant could have been a birthday gift.  I don't recall her wearing any other pendant or necklace constantly like this before.  The only other jewelry that she similarly wore at almost every outing was her engagement ring.  So this is obviously very special to her -- second only to her engagement ring.

One possibility, recall:
"Angelina came to me six years ago to create a pendant for Brad as a present," he reveals. "She's very clever and had this idea that it would be like an ancient tablet, and she researched it looking at old Chinese and Egyptian scripts . . . [it] has a love letter from him to her inscribed on it.
Procop said: ‘I can’t tell you what it says, and you would need a microscope to read it.’
‘The technology is quite new,’ he adds. ‘The hidden message is lasered on.’

This time, it may be his gift with possibly something inscribed for her.  There would haven been further advances in laser technology in the years since Brad's pendant was made so even though the diamond is smaller, with a more delicate and feminine setting, they could probably do more and be more creative.

Whatever it is, and whatever it may represent, she evidently treasures it.

The rings may have their own meaning, but she hasn't worn any of them as long and as consistently as she has worn this.

As noted previously, she has worn different bands on her left ring finger (some are shown below).  The one on her right ring finger above appears to be as wide but perhaps not as thick as their original rope-design bands.  I can't tell if there is any design on this one.

-- On their previous trip to Disneyland with the child actors from FTKMF, the older boys were not with them.  The visit coincided with Brad's swing through Tokyo and Mumbai for War Machine and I noted that it was unusual that there were no Tokyo airport arrival or departure photos.

-- The family likely flew back together on a private plane from Nice on June 28.  The last leg of their trip retraces their steps from last September and should be the final test and proof that the children have fully recovered.

-- Together with Angelina's readiness to get back to work, it appears they are well and truly done with the process.   They may then just be waiting for Dr. Karz's final report and their preference as to the timing.  Their spokeswoman released news of their Aug 23, 2014 wedding in Miraval to the AP on Aug. 28 when they were already in a more inaccessible area of Malta, and we've since learned that they were legally married in L.A. on Aug 14.  They may similarly prefer to be out of town.

-- When FTKMF was first announced, the official press release stated:
The film will be made available to members of the world’s leading Internet TV network in late 2016 and will be submitted to major international festivals.
No specific date has yet been given on when it will be released beyond the earlier word that it will be in September.  War Machine's May 26 release date was announced March 1 -- almost 3 months ahead.  If she still intends to show FTKMF at major festivals, Venice and TIFF are possible but NYFF may be too late.  Venice may be the most receptive to a foreign-language film about a genocide. 

-- She may be waiting for the case to clear before allowing any film announcements.  She is firmly in control and the tight secrecy, including never being seen together in public, is likely largely her idea.

-- Fussy

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Video at link

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Disneyland, Tuesday July 11


with her long-time assistant, Holly

Thanks Pride&Joy

Angelina Jolie Treats Kids To Special Gifts For The Twins’ Birthday At Disneyland

Angelina Jolie and her kids had some fun in the sun at Disneyland, and they were there for a special reason: Knox and Vivienne’s birthday! She treated her kids to an amazing gift from the park, we’ve learned EXCLUSIVELY.

Angelina Jolie, 41, treated her kids to a wonderful day at the Happiest Place on Earth on July 11 to celebrate twins Knox Jolie-Pitt and Vivienne Jolie-Pitt‘s 9th birthday. The Oscar winner and her kids — Vivienne, Knox, Zahara, Shiloh, Pax, and Maddox — had a blast! They rode roller coasters, got a bird’s eye view of the park on swings, and tumbled down the rapids on water rafts. Nobody has a bad day at Disneyland! An artist at the park, Alexa Guzman, told EXCLUSIVELY that Angelina and some of the kids stopped by her shop to pick up some special gifts!

“I got to meet with Angelina around 10pm at Disneyland and she was really nice and really normal,” Alexa told us EXCLUSIVELY. “All of her kids were super sweet too. When she first walked up with the kids, I was already with a guest and I had to make Angelina wait. I couldn’t believe I was making Angelina Jolie wait for me; it was crazy. But she did and they were really patient about waiting.

“She had four of her kids with her: Knox, Zahara, Vivienne and another older boy, but he did not want his name drawn out by me,” Alexa said. “Angelina looked really good in person. She was such a mom, she was really cute with them. All the kids were talking with her, active and participating in telling her what they wanted for their names. I would ask her questions and she would relay the information to the kids who would tell her what they wanted and she would give me direction, she was being a great mom. All the kids were really talkative and they knew what they wanted. Of course some of the kids wanted Maleficent worked into the art.”

How cute is it that they wanted Maleficent artwork? Angelina, of course, played the famed Disney villain in Maleficent, a live-action, alternative look at the classic Sleeping Beauty. Vivienne actually starred in the movie, too, so this is a big deal for the kiddo! As the story goes, all the babies they tried to cast to play young Sleeping Beauty were too scared of Angelina in her Maleficent costume. But Vivienne knew it was her mom, and was totally fine! Thus, a little actress was born. As for the curious painting that spells out the name “Mark”, Alexa said it was for someone who wasn’t with them at the park. She said he “seemed like maybe a family friend. They wanted to do a funny one for him.”

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and a fourth kid, Mark.

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Santa Monica Pier, Wednesday, July 12